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Terlato Wine Group

Making it easy to sip your way around the world

To elevate their brand and create winning experiences, Terlato Wine Group worked with Deloitte Digital to redesign and reimagine the digital customer experience on uncorked.com.


For over half a century, Terlato Wine Group has made quality a priority when it comes to their wines from around the world. These high standards aren’t exclusive to how they treat their reds and whites—they apply to every element of the business, including customer experience. That’s why they collaborated with Deloitte Digital to replatform and redesign their uncorked.com site, creating a compelling visual identity and customer-centric experience to do their premium brand justice.

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What began with simply replatforming their site to Salesforce Commerce Cloud turned into a great opportunity to create a personalized and dynamic website that engages the right audience. With an editorial-style storefront, wine lovers can now peruse bottles from all over the world, learn about everything from picking grapes to reading labels, and receive custom bottle recommendations driven by the AI power of Einstein. And we worked with Terlato to create it all in just 18 weeks, thanks to the highly scalable nature of Commerce Cloud's custom build solutions.

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With the new uncorked.com site, wine lovers—and novices—now have an online haven for exploring wines from around the world. When the site launched on August 8, it earned a 94.9 percent score on the Salesforce Site Readiness Assessment, far exceeding the standard passing requirement for launching Commerce Cloud (1). The new, enhanced shopping cart and streamlined checkout create an efficient ordering experience from click to sip. With the easily-configurable platform, Terlato can continue to regularly refresh content to cater to everchanging customer needs.

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"The new site delivers a design that better showcases our luxury brand on top of delivering a best-in-class user experience for our customers. The experience has been transformed to be both engaging and easy to use, encouraging wine discovery and elevating the online shopping experience."

Benjamin Rotnicki, Director, Direct to Consumer Marketing, Terlato Wine Group

(1) The SRA passing requirement is 80 percent, according to John  Van Ryn, a senior manager in the Deloitte Digital practice and leader in our Salesforce Commerce Cloud practice.