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Texmark Chemicals

Catalyzing digital transformation to build the Refinery of the Future

Using IoT technology, Deloitte helped Texmark Chemicals digitally transform their refinery operation. Now, they save time and money using predictive maintenance.

In an industry with a long history of reluctance to change, Texmark Chemicals, with the help of Deloitte, embraced digital innovations such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), to drive profitability and create a repeatable use case in predictive maintenance. Our goal? Reductions in maintenance costs, safety incidents, unplanned outages, and time spent physically inspecting equipment.

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Texmark Chemicals ushers in the Refinery of the Future: Spotlight on predictive maintenance IoT

Deloitte was absolutely focused on business outcomes. They had such a wealth of knowledge of the economics of digital manufacturing, leveraging IoT, and what we’re trying to accomplish here at the Refinery of the Future. What we’re trying to do here was something that hadn’t been done before and they’re really well suited to do that.

Doug Smith, Texmark Chemicals CEO 

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