We’re excited to launch Lift Acceleration Program™, the new customer-centric operating model helping businesses improve customer acquisition, growth, and profitability.

There are countless factors that go into a successful business, but in the end, the most important is that there is a customer to buy your product. And in today’s increasingly competitive market, customers’ expectations have risen to include personalized experiences that enrich their relationships with the brands they do business with.

So how can brands respond to these expectations in a way that impresses and attracts customers, builds loyalty, and drives successful business? By centering around the human experience. That’s why we created Lift Acceleration Program, our new program that literally centers around customers, creating a 360° view of each individual person who interacts with a brand.

Introducing Lift Acceleration Program by Deloitte Digital and Adobe

For over a decade, we’ve worked with Adobe to help organizations put their customers first by pairing technology and creative solutions that focus on customer experience. Together, we wanted to create a program that makes this goal even easier to attain.

Think of Lift Acceleration Program as part Adobe Experience Platform, part Adobe Experience Cloud, and part Hux by Deloitte Digital. Combined together, we’ve created a new program that aims to improve customer engagement through three components: a customer-centric operating model, customer experience KPIs, and a customer engagement platform. The program allows us to provide a true single view of the customer in real-time, activate smart customer decisions, and deliver personalized moments across the customer journey.

How Lift Acceleration Program centers around the human experience

At the core of Lift Acceleration Program is a customer-centric operating system that we’ve shaped to discover, capture, and magnify the human experience. It helps us build a path that circles around the customer, by first connecting to key moments in people’s lives, and then shaping experiences and the business around them.

We understand that a ton of things can inform the decisions that customers make. From age, gender, and location to their favorite devices, average time spent shopping, and more. With Lift Acceleration Program, we can use traditional user data to tailor experiences to each customer, in turn building loyalty and converting new customers.

By looking at the customer journey holistically, we can help implement the right operating model, culture, digital foundations, and connections that can positively affect customer experiences across the board. And when we implement these key factors, we can improve on customer experience performance indicators—or what we call CPIs—like marketing and paid media effectiveness, customer targeting, and overall customer happiness.

As the Adobe 2019 Global Digital Experience Solution Partner of the Year, we’re helping organizations become more customer-centric so that they can improve customer engagement and retention—and build better business outcomes.

Read more about our Lift Acceleration Program.

Barbara Venneman is the Global Advertising, Marketing & Commerce leader and a principal within Deloitte Digital for Deloitte Consulting LLP. She helps organizations build and leverage the connections—between people, systems, data, and products—that let brands become customer-obsessed, delivering more personalized, contextual experiences for their customers.