We all know that customers are humans and that humans have emotions. But sometimes, brands forget to connect those dots. How can your brand excel where others fall short?

Have you ever noticed that your phone bill is higher than it should be? Concerned, you call your mobile provider and after a lengthy wait, you finally get to speak to a customer service representative. Unfortunately, they inform you that the issue needs to be “escalated internally” and may take 6-8 weeks to resolve.

A few days later, they email you with a deal for their new broadband service—after all, you’re a “valued customer!” You laugh aloud as you delete the email. You’re not going to sign up for broadband, to say the least, and your opinion of the company is even worse due to the timing.

Brands often forget a key component in the customer experience and personalization equation: human emotion. Studies show that we primarily rate brands based on personal feelings and experiences—not information. And when a positive emotional connection is created with a brand, 92 percent of us are more likely to stay loyal to brand, 88 percent are more likely to spend more, and 91 percent are willing to advocate on behalf of the brand.

To connect with customers on a human level and earn their loyalty, brands need to adapt their personalization and engagement strategies. At Deloitte Digital, we help brands do exactly that with solutions that integrate customer experience management (CEM) platforms with first-in-class MarTech, including behavioural data segmentation, text and voice analytics, and emotional data.

Powered by market-leading Adobe and Medallia technologies, ExperienceMIX is one of these solutions that can help build personal connections far beyond a single transaction by combining traditional customer data with emotional data. By knowing when and how to build off of positive customer experiences (like a glowing product review) and gain insights on less-satisfactory interactions (see: the provider issue above), brands can improve conversion rates and create more efficient marketing. With ExperienceMIX, brands can genuinely provide the right offer to the right person in the right channel at the right time—and most importantly, in an emotionally-relevant context.

Interested in learning more about how we help clients build highly-personalized, contextualized experiences? Come see us at Adobe Summit 2019 and check out our ExperienceMIX demos in person. Or, learn more about our alliance with Adobe here. 

Tom Eshelby, manager, Deloitte UK, is the Joint Global Product Owner for ExperienceMIX and specializes in MarTech advisory and customer experience programs. Tom has had a variety of project experience across telco, technology, and financial services clients. He focuses on shaping and designing programs that improve customer experience and drive bottom line impact.