What does it mean to go beyond real-time marketing and what does it take to get there?

We hear about increasing customer expectations all the time. Add in increasingly complex technologies, technical and operational debt, and more scrutiny on data privacy regulations, and the result is that marketers need to think differently—possibly radically—to reimagine the organization, operating model, and governance required to be successful.

It all starts with the customer data

Data. Data. Data. With advanced tracking and analytics, marketers now have access to seemingly endless amounts of customer data that they can use to create personalized messaging. But with great amounts of data comes great responsibility to make sense of it all and to ensure the highest level of respect to a customer’s data.

Marketers need to manage the vast amounts of data coming in. The machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities within martech platforms can help take that data, find connections within it, and help marketers understand the right content to serve to the right customer in real time.

That’s where marketing technology comes in

At Deloitte Digital, we work with your organization to help it digitally transform in this new age of data and intelligence. And sure, one part of that is setting up new technologies and integrating them into your organization. But the bigger, more nuanced part is the cooperation needed across the organization to break down organizational silos, expertise across and within technologies, and articulating a vision of the final destination that they want to reach—that likely will be a complete reimagining of what was done traditionally.

The operating model archetypes that previously existed in the marketing world were designed for traditional (tv, video, radio, print), and had to evolve to support digital (web, email, mobile). Now, with an explosion of channels, it’s time to consider a new scalable operating model that inherently assumes more and more channels to engage with your customers over time.

Deloitte Digital and Adobe Experience Platform

With our tested framework, experience in the space, and deep understanding of the technology, Deloitte Digital and Adobe can help organizations use Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) to take their real-time marketing to the next level and achieve autonomous marketing. The open and extensible system, augmented with artificial intelligence and machine learning, helps marketers create a system to manage data, crunch numbers, make an informed decision, and activate their customers and audiences by pushing the right, personalized content to the right person at the right time.

By unlocking these marketing capabilities with AEP, organizations have the power to go beyond real-time marketing and deliver amazing customer experiences—at scale. This requires not only integrating the technology into their organizations, but also shifting the way they organize, operate, and govern.

To learn more about Deloitte Digital’s real-time marketing capabilities, discover our Adobe Summit Digital Experience webinars and demos.

John Healy is a managing director at Deloitte Digital who works with major global organizations to help them compete and win on customer experience and real-time marketing. He works at the intersection of data, analytics, and technology for both B2C and B2B companies.

David Chan is a senior manager and Customer Marketing and Commerce leader within Deloitte Digital. He has deep experience in digitally transforming organizations to be more data-driven in their approach in connecting with their customers on a deeper level.