Put your hands together for Chief Experience Officer and US Customer Strategy & Design Leader, Amelia Dunlop, who received Consulting Magazine’s Women Leaders in Technology award for Excellence in Innovation! Here’s why her journey from consulting to championing the human experience has us beaming from ear to ear.
Amelia Dunlop

Amelia Dunlop, Chief Experience Officer

In the male-dominated tech and consulting world, women leaders are often outnumbered and overlooked. Although women are leading the way across the digital landscape helping businesses to innovate and shape the customer experience, they generally aren’t as recognized for their impact.

Enter Consulting Magazine, a flagship publication of the consulting industry focused on thought leadership and strategy. They created the Women Leaders in Technology award to honor women in the field who are doing the work and to give props where they are overdue. One of this year’s honorees? Our very own Amelia Dunlop.

As Chief Experience Officer at Deloitte Digital, Amelia leads our Customer Strategy & Applied Design business with a huge focus on creating solutions that work for real humans. As a consultant for more than 20 years, she has advised CEOs and business leaders on how to find new sources of growth using innovation, creativity, and digital strategy. Now, as CXO for Deloitte Digital—what she calls her dream job—Amelia puts an even more human spin on things.

“I wake up every day thinking about what we can do to make the employee and customer experience just a little bit better and more human,” she says. “I love the idea that no matter what ‘role’ you have, as an accountant, lawyer, or consultant—it is not just ok, it is essential to show up with equal parts head and heart. I look forward to growing this human experience movement with our team, which puts humanity at the center of every experience whether it is digital, physical, or both because I want to live in a world where technology lets us be more human, not less.”

She says that women in tech and related fields face daily challenges simply because they are women. “I have always tried to see being a woman as a source of differentiation as a consultant,” she says. As the mother of three children, she says her greatest achievement ten years ago was giving birth to her daughter in the front seat of her car on the day she made partner. (Yes, in her car.)

A lifelong strategist and innovator who earned a master’s degree in theology before deciding to become a consultant, Amelia says the culmination of her life’s work is focused on using data, technology, and design to engage hearts and minds—and elevate the human experience.

“To me this award feels like an acknowledgement that what we are doing—living the aspiration to elevate the human experience—makes a difference.”

Curious about what Amelia does every day at Deloitte Digital? Take a look at her latest research, Human Experience in Times of Uncertainty.