Deloitte Digital’s experience architecting solutions coupled with Salesforce technologies are putting people first. To showcase how we help clients imagine, deliver, and run the future, our global Salesforce alliance hosted an inaugural client event, DREAMS.

Our Global Salesforce alliance hosted Deloitte Digital DREAMS to showcase how clients across industries can leverage Salesforce technologies and Deloitte Digital’s experience to challenge the status quo when it comes to prioritizing employee, supplier, and customer engagement. Verizon Media joined us for a discussion on building customer lifetime value, and if you missed the event, here are five sessions to watch on-demand:

  • Stop churning and start earning with enhanced customer lifetime value: Profitable growth has become the new battleground of the streaming wars and other direct-to-consumer subscription companies. To stay competitive, these organizations must focus on acquiring and retaining the right customers to maximize customer lifetime value. Learn how Salesforce and Deloitte Digital's new accelerator helps subscription based companies create a fast, effective, and efficient path to enhanced customer lifetime value.
  • How future-ready manufacturers are transforming revenue operations for the new normal: Manufacturing production and revenues have been disrupted. Supply chain, demand, workforce, distribution channels—everything that was once predictable is now uncertain, and manufacturers leaning into the emerging business cycle realize that business transformation is critical to success and growth. Hear from Deloitte Digital and Salesforce on the latest 2021 manufacturing trends and how companies can respond to the market disruption of 2020.
  • Embedding cyber in your digital DNA: Cyber threats continue to challenge enterprise and customer-facing platforms through a multitude of sophisticated attacks that are evolving at a rapid pace. Embedding cyber into your digital DNA allows for the implementation of preventative and effective security measures that drive value through enabling and protecting an organization’s business interests.
  • Your contact center of the future: 2020 brought contact center transformation to the front of the agenda. Some were ready, most were not. Come learn about leading contact center trends and how Deloitte is reshaping the world of contact center transformation through pre-connected, best of breed technologies.
  • Future of sales—the end of incrementalism: For executives, the adaptability of sales organizations may have been one of the most satisfying, yet unexpected outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic. But as we look toward the future, B2B sales leaders face renewed uncertainty. Can productivity increases be sustained? Can we continue to build new relationships remotely? Will customers demand in-person service again? The future of sales is here.

You can watch all the DREAMS sessions on-demand.


Maximilian Schroeck is the Global Chief Commercial Officer for Deloitte’s Salesforce business, with responsibility for scaling and evolving all facets of the relationship to bring the power of Salesforce technology to our clients, our employees and to advance our shared commitment to purpose-driven leadership through our joint social ventures programming.