We’re thrilled to give a big, heartfelt round of applause to the entire NYU Langone Health team and our clients for taking home not one, not two, but three Clio Health awards.

About the Clio Health awards

This awards program recognizes the most creative and culturally relevant marketing and communications campaigns behind wellness. The program is a barometer for excellence in a highly specialized field, recognizing creativity that not only meets the advanced needs of consumers, but addresses the sophisticated challenges, demands, and opportunities of a fast-evolving, rapidly expanding global marketplace and industry.

Our award-winning work

Deloitte Digital’s studios team has the in-house creative chops to help clients solve new problems in new ways. With creativity as its intangible superpower, the team can help healthcare clients deliver smarter, more effective ways of attracting, uniting, and sustaining audience engagement that can influence business outcomes.

Take our recent work for NYU Langone Health (NYULH), for example. The objective was two-fold. First, communicate that NYULH has the shortest transplant wait times and the highest one-year, post-transplant survival rate in the Northeast. Second, drive traffic to the NYULH website to increase awareness of its heart transplant program. To bring this campaign to life, the Deloitte Digital studios team profiled a patient’s story post-transplant.

Phyllis Weissblum needed a heart transplant, but she was turned away by other hospitals for being too old. She felt they were sending her home to die. NYULH welcomed her, and Phyllis received a successful heart transplant after just two days on the waitlist.

Our campaign—titled “Hearts for Phyllis”—aimed to shower Phyllis with hearts (social media “likes”) after no other other hospital would give her one. The immersive film documenting her story premiered as a surprise for Phyllis on her 75th birthday across organic and paid social media—and it has raked in over 100,000 hearts for Phyllis to date.

Most recently, the campaign was honored with three Clio Health awards for:

  • Digital/Mobile/Social Media Craft for Sound Design (silver)
  • Film Craft Sound Design (silver)
  • Film Craft Cinematography (bronze)

Click here read more about each win, and view our video here:

NYU Langone Health – Hearts for Phyllis

“This campaign is a great example of a team working together, finding a unique story, and building a trusting relationship with clients to launch beautiful, business-driving work. The competition for industry recognitions is fierce, making these Clio Health award wins that much sweeter. Congratulations to the NYULH team, and stay tuned for more award-winning work from the Deloitte Digital team at large.”
    – Leslie Sims, chief creative officer, US Deloitte Digital

Recognition for Shamel Washington

Deloitte Digital’s associate creative director, Shamel Washington, was named one of 19 total Clio Health Innovators  from around the world.
Shamel recently told Muse by Clio, “I'm most excited about the very high ceiling in health. Incredible storytelling, beautiful design, and groundbreaking ideas are coming to a space that was once considered a creative afterthought. Healthcare advertising is now playing in the same sandbox with marketing in every other field—and in many cases has become the most innovative space to create."
Shamel Washington headshot