Deloitte Digital enhances DigitalMIX platform with Salesforce to drive productivity and improve customer experiences.

Deloitte Digital today announced a collaboration with Salesforce to integrate Einstein, Salesforce’s AI technology, into Deloitte’s DigitalMIX platform, creating new opportunities for automation, personalization, and analytics across sales, service, marketing, and the back-office. The new integration will unlock a range of capabilities, including predictive analytics, generative AI, and visualization to help empower B2B businesses to make employees more productive, drive faster revenue growth, and deepen customer relationships.

DigitalMIX provides a suite of scalable, pre-configured solutions for multi-cloud finance implementations. DigitalMIX’s approach combines technology and industry-specific expertise to seamlessly integrate leading cloud native platforms. Deloitte Digital tailors its DigitalMIX solution to each client's unique needs while integrating leading cloud-native platforms across front-, middle-, and back-office functions. The inclusion of Salesforce Einstein will build upon other Salesforce products and the DigitalMIX solution, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and others.

"This is an exciting time to be part of the digital transformation and Salesforce ecosystem. Innovation, disruption, and the creation of unique experiences have become non-negotiable imperatives for companies across all industries and sectors, regardless of their size and business model. By combining the power of Einstein with DigitalMix, clients can accelerate their AI Journey and path to value in a Trustworthy manner.”
Harry Datwani, US Salesforce alliance partner lead, Deloitte Digital

The integration of DigitalMIX and Einstein will propel businesses to new heights by enabling precise and personalized marketing campaigns, reducing costs, and enhancing service efficiency. Sales and service representatives will benefit from an improved experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. This integration will also streamline implementation to help clients adopt AI more rapidly.

The integration will help sales teams automatically generate content for emails, follow-ups, and meetings, while providing valuable visualizations and predictive analytics. It will also provide service agents with proactive knowledge sharing, content generation for effective calls, and task summarization for efficient follow-ups. The technology will also enable marketers to personalize experiences at scale and boost productivity through streamlined campaign generation.

“Sales, service, and marketing teams across industries are under pressure to meet customer expectations and deliver personalized experiences, while also creating efficient and productive workflows. By integrating Einstein with Deloitte Digital’s DigitalMIX platform, we are helping our customers accelerate their adoption of AI—allowing them to maximize automation, personalization, and analytics to drive actionable business outcomes.”
         – Susan Emerson, senior vice president, Global GTM and Industry –             Analytics and AI at Salesforce

Deloitte Digital returns to Dreamforce 2023, September 12-14. As a Pioneer Sponsor, Deloitte Digital will provide three days of hands-on learning, insightful sessions, and meaningful collaboration focused on AI + Data + CRM. Prompted by the extraordinary potential of Data and AI, this year at Dreamforce, Deloitte Digital will focus on Trustworthy AI™ for CRM, enabling clients to seize the competitive edge with confidence. Together with Salesforce, Deloitte Digital helps customers harness the power of AI for CRM responsibly and ethically.