We can help you create entirely new experiences—and grow your category—with our strategic customer insights and design-led approach to innovation.
At the heart of designing experiences lie the behaviors and motivations of customers, partners, and the workforce. We can help you shape client growth agendas using differentiated human insight to design and deliver powerful experiences, drive measurable outcomes, and transform organizations. 

Here are the variety of ways we can help:

Applied Innovation

Key Services:

  • Anticipating and seizing new, adjacent, or disruptive growth opportunities to futureproof your business
  • Reimagining meaningful experiences to drive loyalty, growth or productivity through elevated experiences and human-centered design
  • Applying behavioral sciences to help you design and implement a human-first transformation

Spotlight: Our Applied Design team is an integrated practice of designers, strategists, researchers, technologists, and entrepreneurs who create emotionally intelligent products and experiences that people actually want to use—driving business value. Founded on two iconic innovation & design brands, Doblin and Market Gravity, we help you drive long-term change through building and operating your design and innovation capabilities.

Spotlight: With our Workforce Experience by Design offering you can get to know your workers as well as your customers and get to the heart of what matters to your employees to design a human-centered approach to WX. Organizations recognize that workforce experience impacts the bottom line just as much as customer experience in today's environment. Designing a human-centered workforce experience can help organizations attract and retain top talent and deliver experiences that differentiate them in the talent market.

Customer Strategy & Experience

Key Services:

  • Driving organic growth and advantage through customer-centric transformation, which can include experience, marketing and sales strategy
  • Elevating customer experience strategy with insights and analytics
  • Redefining digital customer strategy and digitally-enabled ways of working

Spotlight: With HX TrustID™ you can identify the highest-impact actions to (re)build and strengthen trust by measuring perception on the four drivers of trust: humanity, transparency, reliability, and capability; and explore how your brand’s score stacks up against industry benchmarks. HX TrustID helps organizations chart a path to elevated human experiences and better business results.

Spotlight: Deloitte’s CX Metrics Architecture identifies metrics at the moments that matter to empower your organization with prescriptive insights that clearly articulate customer sentiment and behavior and links those metrics to your organization’s financial performance. Executives leading CX efforts are able to pinpoint areas of excellence and opportunity across the customer journey, and tie that information to future growth.

Marketing Strategy & Transformation

Key Services:

  • Deriving insights to fuel campaign, marketing, audience, and content strategy
  • Shaping the CMO agenda, marketing strategy, annual planning, and spend strategy to inform marketing journeys, propel brand objectives, and drive profitable growth
  • Bringing purpose into how CMOs communicate and operate to help brands grow and make meaningful impact
  • Designing and implementing modern marketing operating models, ways of working, and enabling technologies

Spotlight: Ethos, a new offering from Deloitte Digital, brings together leading experts on tough issues like racial equity and climate change and a team of dedicated researchers, strategists, and innovators to help executives at the world’s biggest brands take more informed and impactful action on the world’s most important challenges. Our team helps companies align the values their brand stands for with the issues their customers care about through a full suite of services designed to help our clients make an impact that matters.

Spotlight: The Investment to Value Map is a tool to help CMOs strategically transform and modernize the marketing function. CMOs are guided through a series of topics and questions about their marketing function, which are then compared to industry benchmarks. This helps CMOs identify what is going well and where there is room for potential improvement. Then the tool quantifies the potential value that would be created through investment in those areas to help CMOs prioritize investments that will drive the most business value in return.

Pricing, Product & Commercial Spend

Key Services:

  • Growing margins and revenue with intelligent pricing
  • Achieving real differentiation and growth with customer-centric merchandising and category strategy
  • Optimizing store operations through strategy, experience, and cost reduction 
  • Changing commercial spend to optimize marketing spend, market share growth, and resource allocation

Spotlight: Pricing as a Service (Praas) helps our client make profitable price changes with targeted recommendations delivered through a proprietary portal. This solution offers comprehensive internal and external data set aggregation, an analytics engine to crunch those data sets, a robust client user experience through easy-to-use portals, and dedicated pricing advisors to manage change.

Spotlight: Our Merchandising team analyzes product lifecycle and consumer trends to identify opportunities to improve assortments and how products are positioned on the shelf by the retailer. For a multi-brand apparel company, we recently developed a harmonized future state process and operating model design for DTC, buying, planning, and allocation functions, including system vendor evaluation and implementation.

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