What types of customer experiences evoke the “wow” factor and make consumers seek out and stay loyal to a brand? Deloitte Digital has acquired Magnetic’s artificial intelligence platform business to help our clients answer just that.

Deloitte Digital helps our clients create leading customer experiences, from strategy and implementation, to ongoing operations. To help make that happen, we’ve acquired Magnetic Media Online, Inc.’s artificial intelligence platform business, deepening our investment in AI, machine learning and audience data analytics to deliver more effective personalized customer engagement. Now, we can help our clients make better informed decisions about how and when to engage with consumers — what the optimal communication channel is, the timing, and the message for each consumer interaction.

Meet Hux by Deloitte Digital, born from our acquisition of Magnetic.


“We’re helping our clients make the shift from siloed advertising and marketing to real-time cross-channel experiences.”

Scott Mager, Principal, Deloitte Digital

It’s part of a larger picture.

We’re combining Deloitte Digital’s deep industry knowledge, versatile customer experience strategy, and technology integration experience with Magnetic’s machine learning capabilities to further serve our clients across a tightly integrated, innovative suite of customer experience offerings. And the acquisition will help make Deloitte Digital’s Experience Services platform both smarter and faster. We’re continuing our focus on delivering clients better data management capabilities, AI and machine learning-driven insights, and the ability to turn insights into action through Deloitte Digital’s creative capabilities and software alliances.

Together with Magnetic, we will help our clients implement and run leading customer experiences to better acquire, engage and retain their consumers and create positive, profitable, long-lasting customer relationships.