The end of third-party cookies can be great news for your brand and your customers.

After two decades of relying on cookies as a key tool for ad personalization, attribution, and performance tracking, the time has come for brands to reimagine how they’re collecting and using online consumer data—while at the same time fostering the contextually sensitive, emotionally resonant human experiences that today’s consumers demand. This shift represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to not just change how you connect with customers and leads, but to strengthen those connections. Learn more about connecting with your customers without third-party cookies.

Before you get personal, get relevant

The brands that will thrive in a world without third-party cookies are those that recognize that you earn the right to be personal by first being relevant. And you can prove you are relevant by cleanly articulating an idea in ways that connect you, your audience, and the shared context in which you intersect.

People who see value in your brand’s message and its connection to the context of their lives are more likely to share their information with you. Then, you can begin personalizing messaging and offers in ways that reflect your deepening connection and trust—without the need for third-party cookies, and with the consent of each individual. Learn how to create relevant content.

From tracking to trust

People want to do business with brands they trust. And one of the primary keys to trust is transparency. Unfortunately, many companies have often fallen short of full transparency about the way they collect, use, share, sell, and transfer personal data, which can lead to widespread consumer mistrust and new regulations. There is a better way.

By giving your audiences not only transparency but also full control of the data you collect about them, and by doing so in ways that align with your brand’s values and voice, you can establish trust with new prospects who value personalized brand experiences, while deepening the loyalty and growing the value of existing customers. Learn how to collect data while creating trust.

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