Ongoing disruption and heightened uncertainty are testing our humanity with the hope of elevating it.

We are in the midst of a global pandemic, economic turbulence, and an overdue reckoning with systemic racism. These crises call into question what we value as humans and our most pressing priorities: the innate desire to connect with others through enduring experiences.

At Deloitte Digital, we believe that people want to be treated like humans and less like “customers.” That’s why we help organizations go beyond delivering customer experience to elevate the human experience to create more meaningful connections, foster loyalty, and drive growth.

Here’s how we’re helping our clients to embrace the unknown, and our clients’ clients to elevate the human experience.


Digitizing the global food chain to make farming more efficient

Syngenta Case Study | Deloitte Digital

Deloitte Digital collaborated with Syngenta to innovate every aspect of their business, from commercial operations, sales, marketing and customer experience to strategic technology platforms that provide seamless, cross-function integration. This enabled precision and efficiency that transformed how Syngenta serves products to farmers in markets ranging from large scale to small, emerging growers.


State Auto

Bringing business up to the speed of technology

State Auto Case Study | Deloitte Digital

How do you blend the old with the new? For State Auto, it was important to bring their business up to speed without leaving their people behind. Deloitte Digital collaborated with State Auto to transform “insurance at the speed of tech,” streamlining the jobs of their agents so that they can focus on more strategic aspects of their roles. By embracing the unknown of digital transformation, State Auto was able to increase efficiency and improve office culture.


Virgin Money UK

Making it easy to save for what’s important

Virgin Money UK Case Study | Deloitte Digital

The journey to digital transformation often requires companies to embrace the unknown and follow where the customers lead. For Virgin Money, that meant the launch of a new business offering. By working with and reinventing existing business models, Deloitte Digital took on a human-centered approach to keep the user experience front and center and make banking more than just a transaction.



Helping you solve the puzzle of your retirement

Prudential Case Study | Deloitte Digital

Digital transformation looks different for every organization. For Prudential, this meant bringing AI-powered solutions to retirement savings. Deloitte Digital enabled Prudential to imagine what they value as an organization, successfully execute on strategy, and engrain the idea of embracing the unknown into company culture.


When we focus on the human experience, we go beyond just showing up. We build relationships that matter. We seize attention, build love, inspire dreams, create connections, respect and recognize individuals, and build confidence.