The SAP Commerce on-premise platform is reaching End of Mainstream Maintenance (EoMM) on July 31, 2026. SAP advises customers to consider a switch to SAP Commerce Cloud, which includes simplified DevOps, self-service enablement, and seamless integration with more than 100 systems.  

Harnessing the SAP Commerce Cloud migration

What are the implications of SAP's recent announcement on business owners? Why consider a move to cloud now?

Two reasons sit at the forefront:

1)  Once mainstream maintenance ends, there will be no further releases of SAP Commerce. New innovations and functionality will only be available on SAP Commerce Cloud, so there is an opportunity cost of not moving to the cloud.

2)  As customers’ expectations grow increasingly sophisticated—think personalization, for example—cloud delivery supports faster, easier platform upgrades, more capabilities, and more rapid ROI for the business.

You don’t have to make the leap alone

Through Deloitte Digital’s award-winning strategic alliance with SAP, we have created an SAP Commerce Cloud Move Program that scales to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. We bring the right capabilities and the right team to your migration effort, along with the knowledge and experience built on a history of success. Our practitioners provide a lean and flexible four-stage approach that manages large platform migrations while maintaining business continuity, helping our clients meet their business objectives. 
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