Accelerate growth by transforming connections from front office to back.
The most important activities for connecting experiences of what you deliver with how you deliver happen in areas of the business that traditionally have been managed as behind-the-scenes, “middle-office” functions—specifically sales operations, quote-to-cash processes, and revenue operations. These functions are the new center of gravity for connected, end-to-end experience delivery. 

A new center of gravity for human experience

Initiatives aimed at the connective functions of the business can have a powerful impact on the bottom line. Building those connections across your business means focusing on four key concepts:

  • Commitment to digital at a strategic level
  • Creation of consistent experiences across channels
  • Use of data to personalize, enable and empower the sales force
  • Creation of a culture anchored on innovation and execution

This paper, The next center of human experience? Your middle office, explores how digital transformation and integration in the middle of the enterprise can help elevate customer, employee and partner experiences, creating lasting business value and sustainable growth.