The ability to leverage emotionally intelligent platforms to recognize and use emotional data at scale represents one of the biggest, most important opportunities for companies today.
To illuminate the scope of that opportunity, Deloitte conducted a research study that explored how emotions, rationality and shared values factor into engagement and loyalty. The study yielded valuable—and surprising—findings with implications that stretch well beyond marketing. Four key themes emerged across the research data:
  1. Rational considerations draw consumers, but emotions inspire brand loyalty.
  2. The path to meaningful, sustained connections is a two-way street.
  3. It’s vital to respect the line between responsive and invasive data collection and use.
  4. Trust is built through a consistent, reliable voice.
emotion-driven research statistics

Download Exploring the value of emotion-driven engagement for full research results.

How to gain loyal customers with emotion-driven engagement

The case for OpCX

Building resilient emotional bonds with customers means tapping into the right data at the right moments across all touch points. That’s not possible when CX is solely a function of marketing and when customer relationships are managed in siloed, legacy systems. That’s why we believe that turning CX into a true operational discipline—OpCX— is the next revolution.

OpCX is about embedding emotionally intelligent capabilities into every fiber of a company’s operations to deliver contextually appropriate, empathetic and responsive engagements at scale. In so doing, brands can inspire fierce loyalty and grow customer lifetime value.

70% of those surveyed say a relationship includes providing feedback

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